Pismo Beach Food Recommendations

Pismo Beach and the surrounding area is a beautiful place to visit. I find myself coming here whenever I need a change of pace or clarity with myself or my life. I have a few favorite places I visit each time but of course I always love trying new places! My food recommendations below!


  • Mon Ami
    • I LOVE crepes! I love how light and delicious they are – sweet and savory! Mon Ami makes beautiful creations and has a wonderful atmosphere. When you walk in you immediately step into France. The decor is very calm and pleasing. I love dining inside, enjoying my food and tea, and reading a book. Every time I’ve come here the employees are so friendly and sweet and make the experience that much better. My favorite crepe is the Pismo – ham and cheese, mmmm. My go to drink is their Vanilla Chai Tea. I don’t know what they use but it’s literally heaven. I am an avid chai tea drinker and nothing compares! It’s my absolute favorite spot to get some.


  • Blue Moon Over Avila
    • The last trip I took to Pismo Beach I decided to treat myself on my last night there. Blue Moon Over Avila is a fun French restaurant that overlooks Avila Beach. Outdoor and indoor seating is available along with a bar. Any time I go out to eat by myself I always choose the bar. Why? No idea. As stated before, I’m a huge tea drinker. What I loved about this place is that they give you an individual teapot for your drink. It gave it so much more of a pleasing aesthetic and it was nice to prepare my tea exactly how I wanted it. I highly recommend getting the filet mignon. It had my mouth watering and leaving me wanting more when I was finished! I was truly impressed. Are you on Yelp? Make sure to check in here to get a FREE appetizer – the French Garlic Bread is extremely good and a light appetizer to start.



  • Pismo Yogurt
    • Okay so nothing insanely fancy about this one but support your local businesses! Pismo Yogurt is located by Pismo Beach Pier and is perfect for hot weather. They have fewer selections than Yogurtland or other big chain fro-yo shops but you still get really good choices! They have a bunch of yummy toppings too(my weakness). The day I went for some fro-yo I had planned for ~60 degree weather(according to the forecast…) it reached 80 degrees!! Needless to say, they were extremely busy that day.


  • Ocean Grill Avila Beach
    • This is another fun place to go to if you visit Avila Beach. It’s indoor seating but no matter where you sit you have a view of the ocean. Even at the bar there’s a giant TV that has a live feed of the ocean. I love having dinner and drinks here during the sunset. I’ve tried a variety of the food here and don’t think I really have a favorite – it’s all so good! Dessert here is really good too(Again, check in on Yelp to get some FREE!)


  • Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards
    • Hands down my favorite winery! I found this place from a local to Pismo Beach. I was so happy I had the opportunity to meet him and that he told me to check this place out. It’s not a far drive and it’s secluded in the hills so it’s a beautiful drive. One of the cool attractions? They have peacocks! They wander all around and are so beautiful. The vineyard is family owned and one of the family members designs all of their artwork. The theme they use are mermaids and I’m amazed every time I go in and look at all their wine labels and paintings. Their wine is extremely good and my favorite one is their Golden Delicious Chardonnay. It’s their house chardonnay infused with apples. Another cool thing about it? The apples used are from the apple orchard next door to them! Seriously, I don’t know if this place can get any cooler. Make sure to check in on Yelp again here so you can get a free tasting!



More recommendations to come when I visit again! If you’re in the area and try these places out let me know what you think!

LA Food Recommendations

When I go to a new city I like to try new food places. I know a lot of people who are totally fine hitting up the same food chains in different cities but I don’t prefer it. I like to immerse myself in a full experience of a new place and that includes food!

Los Angeles, like most major tourist cities, has a ton of places you can try. I started by using Yelp to see what places people were raving about. My mom had talked to some coworkers and received recommendations from them and our Airbnb host was absolutely amazing and gave us some amazing recommendations as well.

Keep reading to see my recommendations to a few places we visited in Los Angeles!

  • Micelli’s
    • By far one of the most fun restaurants I’ve ever been to! A family owned restaurant, Micelli’s sits on a corner right near Universal Studios. There is a complimentary valet available to park your car in a private lot right outside. Once you step inside you feel like you’ve been transported to a different world. The decor inside is so fun and there’s always something new to look at. All the employees are so cheerful and happy to help. The best part? The waitresses sing! That’s right, all the waiters and waitresses take turns singing and putting on a show for everyone inside. Even with all this going they are very attentive to their tables. The food is absolutely amazing and I recommend trying their house wine and after dinner drinks.
  • Karl Strauss Brewing Company
    • Loved this place so much I visited twice! I have zero complaints. The staff were incredibly nice and gave fast service. They have a ton of beers you can choose from and they’ll give you a list of their daily specials as well. I went with the Windansea and enjoyed it very much – especially for me not being a huge beer drinker. I’m extremely basic when it comes to eating food so you won’t find any special recommendations from me. I love macaroni and cheese and practically did cartwheels when I saw it on their menu. It’s a huge helping and there was not a single piece left – most amazing food ever! There’s also the option of indoor and outdoor seating. I never got to sit outside but I would have loved to as you get to see the hustle and bustle of City Walk and can even get live music from performers below.
  • Porto’s Bakery
    • I wasn’t in the immediate area for this bakery but it was totally worth the drive! This is another family owned place with an amazing background story. Walking in and staring at all the delicacies was a little overwhelming because I wanted one of everything! If I had had more time I would have loved to try so many more items but the pastry I had was amazing by itself. Another great thing? It’s dirt cheap for amazing food. Our two items were less than a small coffee at Starbucks. You can’t beat that!
  • CatCafe Lounge
    • So I found this place on Airbnb and I’m obsessed. This organization takes in cats and helps socialize and prepare them to be adopted. For $25 you’re able to go hang out with 30+ cats for an hour and a half and help socialize them. All are up for adoption as well! It was one of my favorite parts about my trip – tea, lounging, and cats. It was really hard walking out of there not adopting some of them. Here is there website for more info!
  • BluJam Cafe
    • This was my favorite spot to have breakfast and I will absolutely be returning when I’m in Los Angeles again. There are several locations but the one I went to was on Melrose Avenue. It’s a small place but I never felt crowded. Since there were a lot of people it was fairly loud but not where you had to shout across the table and the music was kept at an acceptable volume. I also really loved the interior design. I felt so calm and at peace! Our host and waiter were extremely friendly and attentive and the food was 10/10. I highly recommend trying their french toast churros.


I have another trip to Los Angeles coming up soon so stay tuned for more recommendations!

Saving for my LA Trip

If you’ve been following my Instagram (and if you don’t, you should!) then you know that I was in Los Angeles for a mini vacation! It was my birthday and so my mom and I took a trip to Universal Studios. Now, I’ve lived in California for about six years and I have never been to LA. I figured since we were already going a few days for Universal that we might as well do some sight seeing too!

We spent a total of six days in Los Angeles and, yes, it was a little expensive. So how did I do it? How did I manage to take care of bills, have fun, and not stress about money? Read on to find out!


Before I begin, I must add that I did not pay for this trip entirely by myself. As I was going with my mom, she helped pay for things too. It was also my birthday trip so I deserved to get spoiled a little!

Travel ~

Airbnb. I’ve been using Airbnb for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love using it for trips! You’ll find it is much cheaper than staying at a hotel and the hosts are so sweet and some will even give great tips and recommendations! The one I booked was only 2 miles from Universal and it was around ~$850 for two people the entire stay. Before you let your jaw drop, understand that this was an amazing price! I did compare to other hotels and found that if we were to stay at one, the cost would be well over $1,100. The other great thing is that I was able to split this up into two payments – one half when I booked and the other half about a week or two before our actual stay. This was perfect because I wasn’t out $850 in one pay period and I was able to save up and be mindful for the next few months before the other half of the payment.

Plane Tickets. For the plane tickets, we used Southwest, my favorite airline. We get alerts emailed to us and they were having a sale going on with cheap ticket pricing. Also you don’t have to pay for checked bags if they’re under 50 pounds – you can’t pass that up!

The last thing we had to do was book a rental car. This was all on my mom as I am not 25 years old and cannot do so.

Lyft. This is a shout out to our awesome Airbnb host! She lives about 2 miles away from Universal. When we checked in with her, she asked if we were planning on going to Universal and if so, if we were planning on driving and parking there. We told her yes and she advised us that we take Lyft instead. From her place, it was $7 or less one way to go to Universal. Parking your own car was upwards of $35/daily. In the end, we totaled out that we used exactly $35 on Lyft to get us to and from Universal (and one night for City Walk). That saved us a whole day of parking and took out any stress of it as well!

Packing ~

I never like to check a bag unless I absolutely have to. I’m also the kind of person to over pack. I’ll bring multiple pairs of everything so that I have it just in case. I’ll pack the fancy outfit…just in case. I get crazy with it. This time, I packed extremely light and only had my carry on. I packed for my trip a shirt for each day, a sweater, two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, and three different pairs of shoes. It made packing so much easier and less stressful to do!

But Kait…that doesn’t have anything to do with saving money? Wrong! If you were packing this in a carry on and flying with an airline that doesn’t charge for a bag over a certain weight limit, you just saved yourself some money. You also saved space for yourself if you buy things while on your trip. Imagine if you bought too many things and didn’t have enough space for it all? You’d end up having to buy another bag or small suitcase to make everything fit.

The other thing I did to help save money was to buy empty travel size containers. If you’re like me and use a special shampoo and conditioner, you wanna stick with that and keep it with you on the trip. Most of the time, though, these shampoos and conditioners don’t come in travel sizes. Sure you could buy some other kind but you’re most likely not going to use the whole thing, it then never gets used again, and it goes in the trash. So I buy empty travel size containers and put my shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer into those bottles. Whatever I don’t use on the trip just goes right back into the original bottle and voilà! Money saved.


It doesn’t seem like much but doing all of these things helped take so much stress out of my vacation and allow me to have a fun time doing all the things I wanted while I was in Los Angeles!

What are your tips and tricks for when you travel? Comment below!