Minimalists + Gifts

We’ve reached the first week into the new year! By this time all gifts have been exchanged between families, friends, and coworkers. Decorations have been put away and you’re starting to get back into your work mode. I can assume that there are gifts still lying around that you haven’t put away quite yet. Perhaps it’s because you don’t necessarily need the gift. Being a minimalist can be tricky business when it comes to receiving gifts. You may like the item but not need it or you simply don’t like it. So what do you do with it? In previous years, if I received these kinds of gifts, I would stash them in a place where they’d “belong”. Received some lip gloss? It went in a random bathroom drawer. Article of clothing I didn’t like? Shoved it in some corner of my closet only to be seen again in a few years.

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So what are we supposed to do now? Get rid of the gift. 

Okay, that came off a little harsh but it’s true! You appreciate the gift but it unfortunately serves no purpose in your life or fits your lifestyle. So why keep it? Why let it go to waste and collect dust? There are plenty of options out there and all of them are okay! Let’s begin.


  1.  Return it. Did you receive a gift receipt? Awesome! This is the easiest way to take care of an unwanted gift. This gives you a chance to go to the store and either find something you like/need or gives you an opportunity for store credit that can be used in the future.
  2. Sell it. This one can make you feel a little guilty but I promise it’s okay! Let’s say you received a jacket that didn’t fit you. There was no gift receipt and the person who gave it to you no longer has a receipt for it. There are plenty of apps, websites, and stores you can go to to sell any unwanted items(not just presents!) You can either get something in return or get cash that can be used elsewhere! An added bonus? This item will eventually be purchased by someone else who will love and appreciate it! Win-win!
  3. Re-gift it. Make sure to use this one wisely. You may already feel guilty about not wanting to get rid of this gift so make sure you aren’t re-gifting it to the person who gave it to you. I am 100% a fan of re-gifting. Throughout my many moves I’ve found so many things that I never opened or used. I’ve sold or given away things but I’ve also re-gifted some items! It does help save you some time and money but it also lets you bring happiness to someone else. The item was not useful to you and just sat in storage for who knows how long!? Now it has a chance to be out in the world and appreciated by someone who really needs or wants it!
  4. Save it. For minimalists, this kind of goes against what we want to work towards but I cheat with this rule every now and then. If you know it’s something you’re going to need in the future and will use it, save it! I’ve stated in a previous post that I have some tupperware and other kitchen items saved in storage. Is it taking up some space? Absolutely. Am I going to need these for when I move out? DUH. I was reading a minimalist post once where they said to go ahead and get rid of them because it’s an item that can be purchased in the future when you actually need it. Look, I get it. It eliminates some space but some people are not financially able to do that. Why would I donate a perfect condition tupperware set just to buy another one in a few months to a year!? Madness. You know what else I have in storage? Plates. My brother and I went in on my mom’s Christmas present together this year and got her a new dining plate set. So what did she do with the old sets we had? She gave them to me and my brother. They definitely aren’t the kind of plates I aspire to have but they’re free and that’s one less thing to worry about when finding a new apartment! Into storage they went and it’s another thing I can cross off my list.


There you have it! I have used all 4 of these tips since becoming a minimalist and dealing with the birthday and holiday seasons. If you’re anything like me, I know you’ll have some guilt at first. You’ll just need to keep the positive thoughts in your head! The item was meant to be used and loved. If you’re not going to be that person then it deserves to find the perfect owner!

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About Me


To start I need a proper introduction ~

My name is Kait and I’m a 23 year old living in the wonderful Bay Area. I moved here from Minnesota in 2012. I currently work in the vet industry and have 2 cats of my own, Bart and Shiloh. I love going to concerts and festivals, binge watching shows on Netflix, hockey and baseball, and a huge nerd for Lord of the Rings(also Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, all the typical teenage fiction…you get the picture).

Around September 2018, I decided to really look at my life. I mean REALLY look at it. There was so much stuff in my room that it gave me a ridiculous amount of anxiety to look at. I looked at my closet with clothes and felt like I was drowning. Then I saw it. I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across a post – Minimalism. I had heard about minimalism before but never really looked into it. So I started reading up on it and quickly became hungry to learn more. I loved reading about all these people’s stories and what minimalism meant to them. I loved the fact that there was no “right” way to be a minimalist either. And so began my purge. I wanted this mindset of minimalism and have more experiences than stuff in my life. I wanted to feel full and be filled with positive energy every day.

So here I am, candidly Kait. By following me, you’ll follow my journey with minimalism, my struggles and resolves with mental health, and share in my love for travel! I hope to inspire you and bring comfort that may be needed.