5 Sustainable Products I Use

I’ve been getting really into sustainability lately and have been researching different things I can use around my home. I’ve made some small adjustments but my since I live with my mom she’s not super open to all the changes I want to make, haha! Slowly but surely I’ve been changing her mind.

My family has always recycled, my grandma had a compost, and when we moved to California, we started using reusable bags. In Minnesota plastic bags are literally everywhere and you don’t get charged for them. It was a total shocker to me when we moved here that plastic bags were a huge no-no.

Since moving to California, I’ve started using the reusable bags and taking my own water bottle wherever I go (added bonus for theme parks because you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts on water). I’ve also been trying to using glass containers for my leftovers, refusing straws and restaurants, and packing my own silverware for lunches instead of using the plastic silverware at work.

I’ve listed below some sustainable products I’ve started using and LOVE!


  1. Bamboo Cotton Swabs I use cotton swabs every time I shower and sometimes when I do makeup so it can get pretty wasteful! These are perfect for sustainability because they’re eco-friendly and they’re biodegradable! They get the job done perfectly as well.bamboo
  2. Sustainable Lunch Bags A lot of the times for lunch I pack sandwiches or snacks and using plastic Ziploc bags is a waste! I found these ones that come in 3 different sizes and they’re all dishwasher safe! They’ve worked beautifully and the fun designs make it that much better.baggies.png
  3. Zero Waste Makeup Remover Rounds These have been life changing! I switched completely from makeup wipes to using micellar water to remove my makeup. My face has been looking so much better and it’s more eco-friendly! These rounds are machine washable and can be used hundreds of times! The cute bag it comes in keeps them organized and it also includes a pouch to place them in when they’re ready to be washed. I’ve used these both for removing makeup and applying other things to my face such as witch hazel. It does advise to not use for removing nail polish as they do not work together.makeup.png
  4. Metal Straws A go to item for every sustainable human! I especially use these when I take my tumbler to Jamba Juice or Starbucks so I don’t waste a plastic cup or straw!straws
  5. Reusable Produce Bags I keep these packed with my reusable bags so that they’re in the same place and always ready for the grocery store!bags.png


I have plans for more sustainable products soon! These will include: a bamboo toothbrush(using my last plastic one now!), sustainable laundry detergent and fabric softener, and silicone stretch lids. Let me know what sustainable products you use in the comments below!

New Year’s Resolutions!


We have officially reached 2019. Another year has come and gone and now it’s time to start it all over again. Resolutions have always been hard for me. I try to go above and beyond and start out really well but then burn out a month or two in. The goals I try to do now are pretty simple and I try to have them benefit my mental health as much as possible. One year, I wrote down on a slip of paper everything that made me happy. All the slips would go in a jar. On New Year’s Eve, I opened the jar and read about all the happy moments I had in the year. There were a lot of emotions: some made me cry, some made me happy, and some made me mad. Overall I rather enjoyed it as it was a nice reminder of all the good things in life.

blog post_ NY Resolutions

  • Start and finish school
    • School has never been my first choice. I tried a few classes here and there after high school but was more focused on my career. A few months ago I made the decision to go back. I didn’t want to take any time off work so I looked into online programs. I am now enrolled at University of Phoenix with a certificate program. This allows me to be done in about 6 months. I start my first class middle of January and while I’m looking forward to it, I’m also terrified!
  • Create a daily routine for myself and stick with it
    • There’s so much going on in my life that it’s hard to keep myself disciplined with certain things. Now that I’m adding school to my hectic schedule, I created 2 daily routines for myself: one for when I do work and one for when I don’t. I’ve created a basic outline for both of what I imagine will work best but I plan to make adjustments once I actually start school.
  • Continue therapy
    • It’s hard asking for help. It’s taken me a long time to ask for help, even with my own friends. I constantly feel like such a burden to everyone in my life and I don’t want to think that way anymore. I’m tired of letting my mental health take over so many areas of my life. I’ve started taking medication again as I know I truly need it. With therapy, I hope to overcome some issues and to learn how to live with my anxiety in a more positive way rather than negative.
  • Create a budget
    • I budget my bills pretty well. I always pay on time and make sure I have enough for everything. This year I’m making a new goal for myself with my budget. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I still live with my mom. Living in California is expensive enough with roommates and can be near impossible by yourself. With this budget I want to go into as much detail as possible in every aspect of my life so I can see where I can save more and spend less.
  • Learn to be more assertive
    • I am not an assertive person. I feel like there are times that I am but generally I’m a pushover. It’s hard for me to say no to people(especially authoritative figures) and if I feel like I’ve been wronged or my feelings are hurt, I won’t address them with the person. I continue to let myself be “used and abused” over and over again until I start to break. This year I want to push myself to be more assertive. I don’t want to continue putting myself in uncomfortable situations just because I feel like I should. If something bothers me with a friend or relative, I want to be up front about it so they understand their actions and how it affects me.


This year I want to focus on me. I never put myself first in any situation and now is the time to. It’s time for me to break out of my comfort zone and explore endless possibilities for myself!


Tell me about your resolutions in the comments!


7 Days of Positivity

As hard as we live our lives to be completely positive and happy there are always the downs that get us. Usually I would just “roll with the punches” that life gave me because nothing is perfect, right? It’s out of my control and everything sucks. That was the mentality I used to have but not anymore. I reached a point in my life where there was just too much negativity all the time and I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I wanted to become more positive and to spread positivity to other people.

Now, there will always be negativity – it’s inescapable – however, I have found ways to keep the positivity around to keep myself at a beautiful balance. In this post, I’ll give you a way of adding extra positivity to your day to have a positively happy week!

positivity pic


Make yourself a nice breakfast and enjoy it! I work crazy hours so sometimes food is the last thing on my mind. My typical breakfast is some granola or cereal. When I have a day off and I don’t have anything planned, I like to make myself a nice breakfast. My usual go-to is french toast but I’ll switch it up by making waffles or muffins too. Even though this seems so small, it impacts my day so much! I start my day fresh, happy, and feeling on top of the world!


Post something positive on Instagram. Mondays are a challenge whether it’s school, work, or just the fact that it’s Monday again. I started getting myself in the habit of posting something positive every Monday to start the official work week on a good note and to inspire positivity in others.


Wake up an hour early for you time. Sometimes we get so stuck in our same routines that it can take such a toll on our mental well being. If you’re like me and not a morning person, this can be difficult sometimes. I cherish my sleep so much and cringe every time my alarm goes off. But sometimes it’s nice to wake up a little earlier. I’m able to get a few chores done around the house, relax with my cats, catch up on a show, and so many other things! Since I work late night hours, I don’t get a lot of morning time at home so I really enjoy these moments!


Treat yourself with a coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker and rarely go to Starbucks or any coffee shop for that matter, but the occasional coffee is a nice splurge to brighten my day! Every now and then I’ll pick up an early morning shift and whenever those happen I 100% make sure I have enough time to get Starbucks before I go to work. Because I don’t go everyday, it’s a nice treat or reward to myself!


Go for a walk on your lunch. I know a lot of people that go walking on their lunches to get physical exercise in but it’s also extremely beneficial for your mental health! Some days when I’m feeling tired or too surrounded by walls I’ll go for a walk outside. It’s so nice and refreshing to get some fresh air and get your blood circulating.


Wear your favorite lipstick. This one pertains more to women but hey! Men can join on it too. I know, at least for me, when I wear my favorite lipstick I feel unstoppable! I don’t wear makeup very often and I wear lipstick even less. Whenever I have it on I get so many compliments on the color and it only brings more smiles to my day!


Do something for someone else to make their day. I love doing things for others, even if they aren’t expecting it. Knowing that I can brighten someone’s day or take something off of their plate brings me so much joy and satisfaction.I know for me and my anxiety, I love when someone helps me out with a task. One time, my boyfriend and I were getting ready for a friend’s birthday dinner and I felt so overwhelmed with trying to get ready and finishing chores around the house. The only comment I made was, “I’ll just do the dishes when we come back home” and went to go curl my hair. When I finished, I walked out to the kitchen and found my boyfriend doing the dishes for me. It made my whole night and took off so much stress from my night!


What are some things you do to bring more positivity to your day? Share below!