5 Things To Do in Las Vegas (That Aren’t Clubs or Casinos!)

Las Vegas can’t be done in one trip. There’s way too many things to see and do that it can be overwhelming! There’s also the guaranteed vibe of Vegas of drinking and partying. If you’re like me, that’s not one of my favorite things to do. I love having a good time and going out but I’m definitely more of a tourist person and want to see the place that I’m visiting. I’ve included in this post 5 really fun things to do during your trip – some being pretty cheap or free!

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  1. The Neon Museum – This was by far my favorite place to visit in Vegas! I really love that it’s secluded and a good distance away from the Strip. You truly feel like you’ve stepped into the desert with a whole bunch of art and neon to surround you. When I went, the Tim Burton Experience was being showcased at the same time. If you’re a big Burton fan like me, I highly recommend that you go before the exhibit is closed on February 15, 2020! Note: We went during the day so we obviously didn’t get to see all the signs and pieces lit up but it was still extremely fun to see! So it’s definitely personal preference on what time of day you’d like to go.IMG_7690
  2. The Mob Museum – Whether you know a lot or a little about the mob, I definitely recommend stopping by to check out this museum. The amount of history stored in the building is pretty insane. There are 3 floors and your journey begins on the 3rd floor and continues down. Not only do you learn about the mob’s history in Las Vegas but the rest of the country too! There are multiple different ticket options depending on what experiences you’d like to do during your visit. Student and Military discounts are also available! Tip: There is a TON of information and reading at this museum along with activities, a bar, and short clips to watch. We spent about 3 hours and did not anticipate that so it caused minor conflicts in our schedule. Make sure to plan enough time!IMG_7751
  3. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum – If you’re into hauntings, demonic possessions, and serial killers, then this is definitely a stop for you. Zak Bagans hosts his show Ghost Adventures and brings back all sorts of oddities back to his museum. There are 33 rooms inside the mansion and all have an interesting story to tell. You can opt out of going into certain rooms if you’re uncomfortable and can leave the tour at any time as it does start to get quite scary. This is also a museum where you’ll want to make sure you take a big chunk of time out of your trip. The tour itself is 90 minutes but the line to get inside is what takes a lot of time (we waited 3 hours!). I’m unsure if I would return or not as I did encounter some spirits and left having a panic attack. However, Zak is constantly adding in more items (especially involving his serial killers room) so that would entice me to come back.IMG_8110
  4. Walk by/in New York New York – Walking the Strip is a no brainer but I strongly suggest making sure you go near New York New York. There’s so much to see including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, The Big Apple Coaster, and there’s a beautiful water wall that changes colors! We walked over on a Friday night and it wasn’t crowded at all so getting pictures was a breeze! Inside it’s completely designed like New York! You’ll find shops, food, pubs, and there’s even a fun arcade inside!IMG_4557
  5. Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen – This was one of my favorite parts of our Vegas trip! I’m honestly still craving the food. We made our reservation online for 1:45pm. If you’re adding this restaurant to your trip, make sure to plan far ahead! We were able to make a reservation, however, if you’re wanting dinner, it may be booked out or you’ll need to wait to about 10pm. Even still, this place was amazing! All the hosts and waiters were extremely nice and attentive. The waitress we had(I really wish I could remember her name) made our experience even better with her wonderful food and drink recommendations and fun personality! I ordered the filet mignon and HIGHLY recommend it. I can never pass up on filet mignon but I’ve never tasted anything this amazing and the sauce they paired it with was delicious. Honestly, I could spend a fortune in there just trying all the different foods! Expect to be here for a couple hours especially if you’re going during a busy time. Even with our reservation we had a small wait but were seated in a timely manner.IMG_7872

I fell in love with Las Vegas a lot more than I thought I would and I can’t wait to make another trip out there! Tell me your favorite places to go 🙂

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