6 Month Alopecia Update

Since it’s been 6 months since my diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia, I decided to give y’all a super quick update on where I’m at!

Here is what I had started and continue to do:

Nutrafol – I’ve continued taking Nutrafol which is a hair supplement (it’s basically biotin on steroids)

Rheumate – Rheumate I added in a few months ago. This is a supplement used for rheumatoid arthritis but it helps to stop hair from falling out. This supplement does need to be prescribed so if it’s something that interests you, make sure to consult with your doctor first.

I also discussed my ferritin(iron) levels with my doctor. From the start my levels have been extremely low. I started out at 7 and within three months was able to get it to 17 just based on changing my diet. There are two ways to try and help my ferritin levels – either increase my iron intake or try and stop a heavy loss of iron. I have been wanting to avoid taking iron supplements as I do not care for the side effects but of course would start taking them once absolutely necessary. So for now, I have been trying to add more iron through diet and I have been consulting with my gynecologist about my period. I have a heavy flow and in the last few months have been experiencing heavy spotting. Because of this, I’m losing a lot more blood and iron than need be. About a month ago I finally had an IUD inserted in hopes that it would stop the spotting and eventually either slow down or stop my periods.

What I have and will be adding in:

Spironolactone – Given my long medical history, I discussed this medication with my dermatologist and primary doctor. With spironolactone, we hope to kill 3 birds with one stone. For my hair, spironolactone helps to block the androgens that cause my hair loss. Spironolactone is also used to help lower blood pressure and can help in some acne cases.

Ducray Anaphase shampoo – I’ve currently been using a brand called Nisim but my dermatologist is recommending this one as it has a better reputation for hair loss.



Overall my 6 month check in went very well! My dermatologist could tell that my hair was growing at a healthy rate, looked and felt healthier, and I had noticeable new growth!

I’ll give another update in 6 months when it’s been a full year since my diagnosis.

If you also have alopecia, share your tips and products in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “6 Month Alopecia Update

  1. I swear hairloss is super devastating especially in your 20’s (I am 21 btw) but I really like the positivity and calmness in this post. Why don’t you try some iron supplements to increase ferritin levels quickly? Ferritin level of atleast 70 something is essential for hair regrowth. It took me 3 whole months to accept my thinning hair and stop obsessing because it is a super slow process.

    1. I’m so sorry you’re going through hairloss as well! I finally am going to take iron supplements. I was trying to hold off and increase it other ways because of the side effects but my ferritin levels are still staying the same.
      You’re so right about it being a slow process too! It literally takes 6 months to a year to even start to see results. Have you been diagnosed long?

      1. Iron supplements can wreak havoc on your stomach but good quality ones don’t afaik. I have started my treatment recently, jumped on the minoxidil, spiro and weekly dermarolling train in November 2019. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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