4 Signs Your Body is Stressed

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One thing I’ve found amazing about the human body is that it tells you when things are wrong in many different ways. From headaches, aches and pains, the body is always looking out for our best interest and communicates with us. But do we communicate back? Acknowledge the stress signs? A majority of us just shrug it off, take some medication, and continue on with the day.

After all the doctor visits I’ve had, I now want to live a more holistic life. It started when I had my first session with a chiropractor. I’ve been experiencing a lot of back and shoulder pain added with migraines. The morning I had my session I woke up with a headache and already knew I was going to need to take Tylenol. About 30 minutes after my adjustment with the chiropractor, my headache went away and I haven’t had one since! This really made me question the medication my neurologist had given me for the migraines.

I should note – I’m not against medication. It’s extremely helpful! I personally love taking my Wellbutrin every day because it truly helps keep my depression in check. After all that’s happened within the last year or so, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with keeping track of which medications to take, how much, etc.

So, I’ve been getting better at listening to my body and knowing when it’s time to slow down and reevaluate. Here are my body’s signs of stress that are also common symptoms for others as well!

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  1. Back Acne – In previous posts I’ve shared that I’ve never had acne before I stopped my birth control. Now not only do I deal with acne on my face, I have it on my back and shoulders. I don’t have it constantly since it out only breaks out when I’m stressed but it’s extremely annoying. In a previous post here, I mentioned a body wash that I was using to help clear it up. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in store or online anymore so I switched to Mario Badescu A.H.A Botanical Body Soap. So far, I’m really loving it and it smells so good! I use it almost every time I shower but especially when I notice a break out.
  2. Forgetting to Breathe – I’ve been really trying to focus on my breathing lately. I’m constantly on the go and moving at fast paces that I forget to just stop for a moment and check in with my breathing. When my chest and stomach start to tighten up, I immediately know that something is off. My mind is moving so fast that it’s concentrated on everything else! Now when I start to feel the tightness, I stop whatever task I’m doing and take a few deep breaths. Then once I feel calm and comfortable, I continue the task but with awareness that I need to slow down.
  3. Extra Irritable – I get angry/irritated easily but when I get stressed out, I start to get really sensitive with things. This one I do hate the most because there can be consequences that involve my family, friends, and could affect my work environment. At work I can control it better because it’s my job and the consequences could be severe(duh). As for my personal life, I try to take breaks from whatever situation is irritating me and causing stress. This usually means I either go for a walk, start cleaning, or go take a few minutes to just be in silence. I’m not running away from the problem but my brain and emotions are overstimulated so there needs to be a slight pause for my body to just calm down.
  4. Hair Falling Out – I recently posted about how I have androgenetic alopecia. It’s not uncommon for my hair to fall out but it starts falling out considerably and in clumps when I’m overly stressed. If I notice that I’m starting to have more hair fall out than normal, I really try to reevaluate what’s been going on the last few days. Have I been getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? Eating healthy? What’s causing me stress that I can eliminate?


Recently my goal has been to achieve a simpler life. I was doing well for a while – going to therapy, journaling, practicing minimalism as much as possible – but along the way life happened and things got complicated and I stopped taking care of myself. Now I’m starting to listen to my body again so that I can stay healthy physically and mentally. Next time you start to feel overwhelmed or stress, take a few moments to check in with yourself and see what can be improved on to make your day just a little bit easier 😊

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