Update May 2019

Hello all!

For those that have stuck around with me for awhile…thank you for your continued support and staying with me! For newcomers… welcome! My name is Kait and you’ve found my lifestyle blog. To read more about me, click here and here!

I thought I would give you guys an update on what’s been going on the past few months ~

Career Changes – I started a new job! I left my other job due to differences and toxicity within my department. After coming back from my leave of absence it was a huge eye-opener that my job was causing me a large amount of stress. My job now is still quite similar and busy but a lot less stressful and nicer. I’ve never worked a 9-5 job before and I actually really love it. It’s come with its own challenges but overall it’s been a positive and necessary transition.


Health – My mental and physical health have taken a slight turn which is the main reason why I’ve been so inactive. While everything has been going smoothly with my new job, my personal life was starting to get stressful and my depression started getting a little worse. I wasn’t depressed in a way that I wanted things to end; I just didn’t have the energy to do my normal day to day routines. I wasn’t eating as much, stopped going to the gym, and lost a lot of weight…again. After a lot of re-evaluation and self-searching, I’ve been doing a lot better and coming up with a plan for myself to get healthier and back on the same path I was on a few months ago.


Blog – I have a few drafts started for some new posts but just really need to get myself in the right mindset and discipline to finish them. I haven’t done much traveling or exploring either since I have no time off with the new job but hope to have some new content soon!

Well, I think that just about covers it! I just needed to step away for a moment to really prioritize my health and other areas in my life before putting more focus back into blogging.

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