Homemade Face Mask for Chin Acne

In my previous post I mentioned that I am unable to be on hormonal birth control. If you haven’t, you can read it here as I make a few references! Because of this, I now experience hormonal acne – awesome! The areas I get it are on my forehead and my chin. Since switching to the Aveeno face wash, the acne on my forehead has calmed down quite a bit! It’s still there and obviously starts to get worse when my menstrual cycle starts but it’s manageable. The real tricky one is my chin. When I do get my cycle, my chin breaks out like crazy. I don’t like wearing face makeup but I hate how noticeable all the pimples are! I needed to fix this and fast.

My research began with why I was getting the acne primarily on my chin. All sites pointed to hormones and stress – double awesome. With no hormonal birth control and having a high-stress job, it’s the perfect combination for my chin acne. Now that I knew what the problem was, I needed to find out how to fix it.

I already do as much as I can to keep bacteria away from my face. I use a separate towel to dry my face and wash it weekly, clorox phones I use at work, and tie my hair up when I sleep. What else could I do? I searched online for some treatments. I stumbled upon https://www.facingacne.com/chin-acne/  that was actually very helpful! It explained chin acne, the causes, and also gave great at-home remedies. One of the remedies they included was with tea tree oil. It explained why it’s so good and how it helps with the bacteria near your chin. They did give the warning that it will dry out your skin so if you have dry skin, use caution. I was so happy they included that because I have dry skin and their next remedy was made just for me! The answer was honey. Honey is all around great for your skin and for your chin acne it’s even better. I’ve included the recipe and my experiences below – enjoy!


  • 1 tablespoon pure honey
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon


Day One: Face mask

My first try I decided to do a face mask so I could see how I liked it and how it affected my skin. Let me start by telling you that this will be messy so make sure to either wear a tank top or shirt you don’t mind honey and cinnamon getting on.

I mixed the two together and it went on surprisingly very easy and smooth. After applying I relaxed for 15 minutes. About 10 minutes in my face was melting. Little bits started to drip down onto my chest and my face felt super itchy because of it! It was very hard to sit still for another couple minutes. Once my 15 minutes were up I went to wash off. Using lukewarm water, you want to gently “splash” away the mask. It actually comes off pretty well. I thought it would be really sticky because of the honey but it isn’t. What you need to be careful of is the cinnamon. The key is to not scrub and I’ll tell you that you really don’t want to. It could be just me because I have really sensitive skin but my face started to burn as I started washing it away. I patted my face dry afterwards as to not irritate my skin anymore. My face was pretty red after but the results were great! It was very smooth and my pores weren’t so big either. I continued my nighttime skincare routine as normal.

I woke up the next morning and was extremely impressed with the results! My face felt fresher and the acne was not as noticeable as before!

Day Two: Spot Treatment

I waited a few days after doing the mask to try it as a spot treatment. To use as a spot treatment, you’ll cut the recipe in half. Right away I liked this a lot better. I left it on for 15 minutes and it barely started to drip off my face and removing was a lot easier as well. With less cinnamon being used it wasn’t as harsh and my face also didn’t get red afterwards.

The next morning I could once again tell a difference. The acne was not as profound as before and some spots were even starting to clear up!

Final Verdict. I am obsessed! Doing this simple and homemade treatment for skin worked so well! I enjoyed it as a mask but think I would use less cinnamon than recommended since my skin is so sensitive. As a spot treatment it worked very well for my chin acne and I achieved the results I was looking for.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Face Mask for Chin Acne

  1. I will keep this in mind if ever I need to use a face mask. As it is right now often with the seasonal changes I will see a few zits here and there but thankfully (make privilege?) my facial hair covers most of them if they pop up on my chain. I would be interested to see how my facial hair would fair with the honey.


    • Might be worth a try! While applying as a face mask I got a little honey in my hair and it was no problem getting out! Facial hair is more course so that would be a major difference but in general I was surprised that it wasn’t sticky on my face and very easy to wash off


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