Minimalist Journey: Storage Cleaning

One step closer!

This last Sunday I went through all my outdoor storage. Our apartment balcony was having work done for three months so it was a relief to finally go out there and clean the area, especially with my new journey!

The timing that I decided to look through my storage was perfect, actually. A few days before, I had scrolled through and read a post about minimalism and decluttering. The person who wrote it was for decluttering but not the full mindset of minimalism. Basically, she was stating that minimalists are all rich people and able to throw out what they want with zero consequence. I continued to read on and her post was giving step by step instructions on how you can be a minimalist when you have a low income. Reading this post I felt a little upset with the author. It seemed that she didn’t have the full grasp of minimalism at all.

Now, living in California, it’s extremely expensive. I have a wonderful job that pays me very well but when a studio apartment alone can be $2,000 here…your check goes FAST. I understood her points that when you have a low income, you can’t always afford to get rid of extra clothes or Tupperware lying around. But remember what I said it my first post about minimalism? There are no rules. Everyone lives different lives and minimalism is what YOU want it to be!

That being said, some of her post did stick with me while I cleaned out my storage. There are some things, depending on you or your situation, that you do need to keep in storage until you’re ready for it. For instance, while cleaning mine, I found a bunch of Tupperware and kitchen pans. I have no use for them right now since I share an apartment with my mother but someday I’ll move out and will need them! So instead of donating them now and having to buy more in the future, it’s more cost effective for me to keep them in storage.

I actually did get rid of a lot of stuff though. I had two plastic bins filled with things from my previous moves so it was definitely time to look through and purge.

Here’s what I got rid of:

  • A set of electronic candles
  • Small cork board
  • Shower curtain
  • Bathroom set(toothbrush holder, glass, and soap dispenser)
  • Shower Curtain Rings
  • Lamp
  • DVD stand
  • DVD player
  • Sweaters
  • Mugs
  • Printer

These were all very easy to toss out. Since moving to this new apartment, I had replaced my shower curtain, bathroom set, rings, and lamp so keeping doubles was not necessary. The rest were other items I just never use or needed so into the donation pile they all went.

It felt so great seeing the outdoor storage room completely organized and decluttered! It’s not an eyesore anymore and it’s so much easier to find everything. Do I miss anything I donated? NOPE. Taking everything to the donation center felt so freeing mentally and physically. I have more space for things that matter and once I move again, I’ll have less to go through and pack!

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