About Me


To start I need a proper introduction ~

My name is Kait and I’m a 23 year old living in the wonderful Bay Area. I moved here from Minnesota in 2012. I currently work in the vet industry and have 2 cats of my own, Bart and Shiloh. I love going to concerts and festivals, binge watching shows on Netflix, hockey and baseball, and a huge nerd for Lord of the Rings(also Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, all the typical teenage fiction…you get the picture).

Around September 2018, I decided to really look at my life. I mean REALLY look at it. There was so much stuff in my room that it gave me a ridiculous amount of anxiety to look at. I looked at my closet with clothes and felt like I was drowning. Then I saw it. I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across a post – Minimalism. I had heard about minimalism before but never really looked into it. So I started reading up on it and quickly became hungry to learn more. I loved reading about all these people’s stories and what minimalism meant to them. I loved the fact that there was no “right” way to be a minimalist either. And so began my purge. I wanted this mindset of minimalism and have more experiences than stuff in my life. I wanted to feel full and be filled with positive energy every day.

So here I am, candidly Kait. By following me, you’ll follow my journey with minimalism, my struggles and resolves with mental health, and share in my love for travel! I hope to inspire you and bring comfort that may be needed.

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